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Fixed fees for peace of mind

Hate that feeling of knowing you will have to pay for something but have no idea what that cost will be or, importantly, if any nasty additions will be added? 


At SJM Accounting Services we will assess your requirements and fix your fees in advance so there are no nasty surprises. You can even pay by regular standing order, if that is your preferred method, safe in the knowledge that your annual fee will only ever increase by inflation or if there is a substantial change in the nature of the business (and this would be discussed with you beforehand so that you still retain control). 


Obviously, every business is different and the record methods can vary from very detailed to very inadequate but we aim to assist you in this by checking over our preferred "e-cashbook" regularly and pointing/guiding you in the area of inadequacies/improvements that can be made. Also including checks to ensure you are maintaining legally compliant records. 


Guide charges

Charges will obviously depend on the complexity of your affairs, completeness of records and the volume of transactions etc.


Undoubtedly savings can be made by using our preferred "e-cashbook" and, AS A GUIDE, the following are the standard annual fees based on type of entity (excluding VAT at the standard rate):


Sole Trader


£275-£325+vat - to include preparation of year end accounts and submission of the personal tax return of the proprietor.

For micro businesses and CIS subcontractors the fees may be much lower


Limited Company


£700-750+vat - to include preparation of statutory year end accounts, corporation tax return and the personal tax returns of up to 2 directors/shareholders.


£130 for payroll of up to 2 directors/employees.




£400-£425+vat - to include preparation of year end accounts, partnership tax return and submission of the personal tax returns of up to 2 partners.  

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